Ethics And Disclosures

Projects that were completed during the course of my previous employments that are not currently within the public domain cannot, and will not, be part of this blog. 

Blog posts are based on publicly available data only. A majority of my data comes from the DOT's 10% sample of airline tickets. I apply my own model to adjust data to more accurately reflect individual market realities that often are skewed by models that only multiply the sample by 10 to bring the data to 100%.

Major model assumptions needing to be disclosed:

  • International data is not currently included. To backfill the gap within the domestic networks, the model uses domestic segment information to backfill revenue and passenger gaps caused by not having international passenger data included. This may cause domestic markets to increase slightly in actual size. Additionally, segments relying heavily on international flow may see a material change in revenue performance as international data is layered in.
  • Taxes are modeled out of the ticket information.

  • Prorated leg revenue is based on the square root of miles methodology, which may be materially different in a limited number of markets. 

In the event there are any sponsors or influences on this blog they will be listed below.

Updated: 7/8/2020

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