Data Sources

Current data providers

FlyDataGuy has partnered The Hub by Airline Data, Inc. ( to provide robust domestic airline data. The Hub by Airline Data, Inc. has over 30 years of airline data experience and will be the primary data source for airline schedule, O&D passenger and flow, and Form 41 information.

Internal FlyDataGuy data 
In addition to The Hub, FlyDataGuy has developed our own internal models. These models will be used to supplement information provided by Airline Data, Inc.

Our models use the following data sources:
  • DB1B (Ticket, Market, Segment): 2005-2019Q2
  • T-100 Segment
  • T-100 Market
  • On-time performance data

Out of scope data sources
This is a hobby focused blog with minimal revenue streams supporting it. As such, data sources with any significant costs are currently out of scope. Those data sources include:
  • International O&D data 
  • GDS or related data streams (MIDT, BSP, ARC)

This page was last updated 10/14/2019